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Gaelic for “Friends of Anne”
Home of Anne Perkins and redheaded friends
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Carannagh Irish Setters can do lots of things...but most of all they are members of the family. They love being with people, especially children, and want to be part of everything. They need love. They need daily exercise. They need the self-control and confidence that comes from consistent-and-gentle discipline and, perhaps, obedience and agility training. They will likely want to hunt. In exchange they will give you and your family enduring love and affection.

Some earlier Perkin's Irish and other pictures

irish setter

Young Jiggs (#4) at home with owners Jennie & Greg.
Loved, warm and un-groomed! February 2015

What’s in a Name? “Jiggs” and “Lindy” were a popular names for field Irish in the 1880s when hunting upland game birds and pigeons was at its peak in North America. There have been four Jiggs and two Lindys in the Perkins family.

The first Jiggs belonged to my Perkins grandparents, and the second one to my mother, dad and me in the 1950s. My first Irish in Canada was named Jiggs, and one of the puppies from the 2013 litter carries the name as well – chosen by his owners.

The first Lindy belonged to Uncle Bob Perkins in Texas, and my own Lindy is the grandmother of Callen, Ciara and Jennie (Carannagh’s Siannfair).

The Perkins family's Irish Jiggs with Anne’s
Grandparents in Washington State 1936

Irish Setter Fun

An earlier Lindy belonging to uncle Bob
Perkins, Conroe Texas 1946

Irish Setter Old Photo

Anne, her mom and Jiggs (#2) at home
in Syracuse NY 1952

Irish Setter Babysitting puppy

Callahan babysitting puppy Georgia

Precious young Kelsey with her girls late Summer 2003

Irish Setters posing for the camera

Four Irish boys visiting (l to r) Fletcher,
Finnegan, Jiggs and Callen, 2015

Irish Setter talking to Handler

Graeme speaking with Caileigh while
Caleb and Emily look on

Irish Setter Ciara

Young Ciara with friend Finn 2013

Irish Setter in Swimming Pool

Callen’s monthly winter swim with
Emilie at Canine Water Wellness

Irish Setter waiting for Dog Show

Caleb off to the dog show with Graeme and Emily

Left: Callen on OVASA Rally Perpetual trophy in memory of his grandmother Ch Carannagh’s Lindy
RN FDJ 2x ISCC Versatility Award recipient. Right: Ciara with her Bengal kitten Mishti,

Young Lindy – US Dog Fancy Irish
article 2007 [Photo ©Mark Raycroft]

Callahan: “OK! I'll take the stupid
dumbbell but I'll SUFFER...”

My first Irish in Canada: (l) my beloved Jiggs (Maronova’s Kavanaugh Jiggs CD) was always the first to
greet visitors at the door. (r) Scarlett (Maronova’s Fermanagh Scarlett) was very special, with great
beauty and quiet dignity. She was lost to cancer, the greatest single health threat to dogs, at the age of 7.