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Gaelic for “Friends of Anne”
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Field, Friends & Fun

I do not actually hunt with my dogs but believe they should carry the traits for which they were originally bred - to find and point upland game birds. Where time permits, at least one parent of each litter has proven hunting instincts appropriate to Irish setters. Their red coats just light up from within when hunting - nothing more beautiful!

Carannagh’s Little Miss Maggie at
3 months pointing her first bird 2013.

It is best to introduce puppies to the field before they are a year old, and build on their natural instincts thereafter. Training help is available to those who live in the larger Ottawa area (to Kingston and the Gatineau’s) for field as well as other performance events.

Two local clubs actively support field and performance as well as conformation activities.

Contact me for more details email:

Training and Competitions

Callahan, his son the first Redford and his grand-daughters Lindy and KC (Joan and Ken Colbourn) had their Field Dog Junior (FDJ) titles. Others with FDJ legs: Kiersey, Georgia, Callen, Brodie (Bev Kelsey), and Brandi (Sheila and Guy Davidson). Three young dogs from the 2013 litter are working toward their first field titles as are friends Mike and Hilary Rimmer’s Fletcher and other setters in the greater Ottawa area.

Carannagh Irish Setters Field Test
Carannagh Irish Setters Field Test
Field Test Ciara Jiggs

Carannagh’s Callen in field training while visiting his half-brother Jiggs in the Gatineau Mountains for field training.

Field Test Carannagh Irish Setters Ciara Callahan

Callahan retrieving a Mallard Duck

Callahan (Ch Hilloch’s Callahan of Maronova CD FDJ) retrieving a Mallard Duck at field clinic (May 2004). There were more sticks and weeds on his coat than in the pond! Callahan is Callen, Jenny and Ciara’s great-great grandfather.

Field Test Carannagh Irish Setters Brodie

Ch Keenan of Carannagh “Brodie”
with Judge Renald Lefebvre and owner Bev Kelsey
- 1st leg FDJ, June 2013.

Field Test Carannagh Irish Setters Ciara Lind

GCh Mo “Ciara” Lind – the big hunter in field
training, Summer 2013.

Field Test Carannagh Irish Setters Brodie

Brodie ready and waiting to
enter bird field, Spring 2015
[Photo ©Greg Snyder]

Field Test Carannagh Irish Setters Caleb

Caleb (Can GCh/Am Ch Kieran of Carannagh) with
owner/trainer heila Davidson, Fall 2015. Brodie and Caleb
are full litter brothers.

Field Test Fletcher # 1 Irish Setter

Friend Fletcher (Ch Captiva’s Time is On My
side, RN) on solid point - # 1 Irish OVPDC specialty
field test 2015, score of 94/100.
Co-owner Hilary Rimmer handling.

Field Test Carannagh Irish Setters Bonnie Rose

Bonnie Rose PCD, RN, FDJ having a word with owner
Mike Burke and Gail Docherty (OVPDC) at specialty
field test - # 2 Irish & new FDJ - great little bird dog.

Field Test Carannagh Irish Setters Lindy

Lindy: “Must be a bird up that tree for me!”