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Gaelic for “Friends of Anne”
Home of Anne Perkins and redheaded friends
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Agility is a combination obstacle course and gymnastics. It is both an individual and a team sport, although many owners choose to do it just for fun. Courses are made-up of all sorts of obstacles. There are jumps, tunnels, and chutes. There are contact obstacles such as A-Frames, seesaws, dog walks and cross overs, all of which take the dogs up to 6 feet off the ground. There are also the table and the weave - a line of sticks through which your redhead has to twist. Check the Internet for more information about Agility.

Agility is great exercise and gives dogs confidence in themselves which may well transfer to other activities. The also seem to listen better. To protect puppy's joints, I recommend that you not begin agility training before 18 months of age unless there is a class designed especially for younger dogs.

Kiersey, especially, loved Agility – and so did her granddaughter KC. Callen and Ciara’s sister Jenny is currently working on her titles, and their younger half-sister Maggie is in agility with her owner Debbie Cook.

Agility Irish Setter

Tunnel – tunnel – tunnel!

Irish Setter on A Frame

Matriarch Ch Fairline “Kiersey” on A-frame

Agility Irish Setter Jenny

In 2019, Jenny awarded # 9 ALL BREED IN AGILITY TOP DOGS by
the Canadian Kennel Club (ahead of all the Goldens!).
She has since retired – mostly because David’s knees
don’t appreciate the running around!